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About Pocotee 

Pocotee Loh is a celebrity comics artist, illustrator and caricaturist. Her name derives from the combination of “Poco” which means small in Spanish and “Tee” that means teeth because this reflects herself as she had small teeth when she was a child. She loves funny things that make people laugh and every little things that are happening to herself and others, and utilizes this as an inspiration to her creativity. In 2009, she created a simple weekly comic series called “Pocotee & Friends” that highlights the daily life in a funny and cute manner, where one of the famous characters is Pocotee with the characteristic of the artist herself. Nowadays, the characters designed by Pocotee are well known to the public.

Pocotee Loh 是知名漫画家及插画家,毕业于插画系。她的名字源自当她还是小孩子的时候有一排很小的牙齿(Poco 在西班牙语里为“小”的意思,tee 代表teeth)。她很喜欢能够让别人开心的小玩意,更以聆听身边朋友所遭遇的趣事为创作灵感。 2009年,她创作了一个每周漫画系列“Pocotee & Friends” ,记载日常生活中有趣和好笑的经历,漫画主角Pocotee 更是她本人的化身,现在Pocotee 是当今马来西亚著名漫画家之一。

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About Jyan

Jyan Wong is a illustrator artist and hand palm art artist. He loved fantasy, he always like to express his imaginative from mind to drawing. This is a reason he chose to study art & design and graduated from fine arts.

Jyan Wong 是一位插画与手掌艺术的艺术家。他很愛幻想,总是喜欢把脑海里的虛擬畫面以绘画表达出来。因此选择修读艺术和设计课程。

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Pocotee x Jyan x Elephant Parade Hong Kong (CSR) – Bao Bao 抱抱

Pocotee & Jyan attend Transformers4 Hong Kong Movie Gala